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MS Telecom, founded in 2017, is a one of the leading distributor of mobile phones & gadgets   having a strong presence in Pakistan. With each passing year technology keeps on advancing tremendously and MS Telecom strives to keep its customers up to date with the latest gadgets and devices. We have been working hard to serve our customers and providing them with the best rates, & delievery services.

MS Telecom is an “Wholesale distributor” of Xiaoumi, Samsung & other leading mobile phone brands in Pakistan. The Company has a country wide distribution network consisting 2 regional hubs linked to hundreads of wholesalers and retailers for ultimate selling of mobile phones across Pakistan. Our distribution network is the one of the largest in the country and we are continuously working to expand it even further.

Every day, we connect with hundreds of people looking for assistance regarding new phones, updates etc. We also provide Online services to our customers. Our excellent customer care is what has made our customers loyal to us and we promise to deliver everything the future has to offer.

We at MS Telecom are proud of the strong reputation which we have earned over the past years. For us it is always about providing our customers with the best of the best only, and with the years of hands-on experience we are well equipped to cater our customers better than ever.

MS Telecom is managing the leadership role in the areas of wholesalers, retailers, corporate customers and E-Commerce in all cities of Pakistan. In order to cater the need of its valued dealers and for the effective distribution, company is operating warehouses in Karachi & Lahore. With the progressing time, company extends trade offers, consumer promotions, dealers & retailers schemes throughout that ultimately benefited both trade and consumers.

our vision

To be the largest and most reliable distribution network in Pakistan.

MS Telecom